My very first blog post ever. This is terrifying.

I’m going heavy for my first ever blog post. Why? Because every year around this time I find myself stuck with insecurity. That bitch just will not leave me alone. So, I’m writing this to you as much to me because I need reminders just like everyone else that I am amazing just the way I am. I hope these words resonate with you and give your something to takeaway.

All my best,


We root, we bloom & we grow. It all sounds so good doesn’t it? Well my friends, I’m here to tell you I know just how hard it is. I know what it’s like to look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see, secretly wishing certain physical traits you have would disappear. I know what it’s like to see where other people are in life and start letting in thoughts of disappointment. I know what it’s like to be comparing yourself to other people. Comparison is the thief of all joy but yet we do it to ourselves every day. We look at other people’s lives and assume that they’ve got it all together, the total package and we start rooting more insecurities into our own life. It’s a toxic cycle and even though we can post pictures and inspirational quotes like the ones you see above it’s easier to speak it then to truly truly live it.

So how do we fix it? How do we begin to love ourselves? How do we bloom within ourselves and stop allowing other’s seemingly perfect lives destroy our spark and joy? There’s no perfect solution and no quick fix. I know, I wish I had something more to tell you that would point you in the path to absolute resolution. But I do not. I myself have been guilty of losing my joy and allowing negative self talk control my life. But friends all hope is not lost. There are many things we can do every day to bring us closer to loving who we are and where we are in our own journey through life.

The first thing you need to let sink in is that there is no one like you in this entire world. You are and should be the most important person in your universe. It’s through your own eyes that you will develop relationships, experience live changing events and manage through life. The less you listen to yourself and allow negativity to creep into your life the worse you are going to feel. Allowing yourself to be caught up in it will impact the love you have for yourself and those traits just trickle down to the relationships we have with others and our own individual successes in life.

Do what makes you happy and proud of yourself. For some people that may mean getting up and going to the gym, volunteering, mentoring, applying makeup and dressing up, whatever it is. It may even be the passion you feel in your line of work. This is your life and you are meant to live it the way that brings you the most happiness.

Have you ever gotten ready for the day and seen yourself in the mirror and thought DAMN I feel good about myself today? It’s an incredible feeling, like nothing can stop you, you’re the phoenix on the path to blow shit up. Personally I myself get that feeling when I put my makeup on in the morning including my drawn on eyebrows (where my 90’s girls at you know we over tweezed the shit out of them!). It’s just one of those things I do for self care that makes me feel good. That’s what it’s all about, the journey to feeling good about yourself.

Show up for yourself. Think so many good thoughts about yourself that any negative self talk has no room in your brain. Discover your life story and love it through all the mistakes, lessons, growth and everything life is meant to be. Treat yourself like you treat your friends, significant other, family and children. We all want the best for all of them so why shouldn’t we also want the best for ourselves?

So here’s my assignment for you, and for me really because as I’ve mentioned before I am no expert and I need just as much help reminding myself to love myself for all that I am and stop comparing myself to others and their journeys. The next time you look in the mirror or find yourself thinking about your “failures” just remember when we hit a rough spot we have two different paths we can take. We can let the down times seep into our souls and take permanent residency inevitably creating more self doubt or we can really look into ourselves and figure out what we can do to grow from those moments. Progress and growth happen when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and step out of our comfort level. Allow yourself to feel good. You deserve it. You are amazing just as you are and no one can take your inner shine away from you. You are one in a billion and there’s no one that will ever be like you in this lifetime. Shine on and inspire yourself to bloom and grow.

Just for fun this is the link to the eyebrow pencil I use in case anyone is in need of a recommendation. If there’s one thing I damn sure know it’s that I’m not an expert in doing my makeup. Before this product I’d just buy whatever could find at Walmart but this brow pencil is life!

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I'm a 31 year old momma to two kiddos and wife to a supportive husband of 9 years. I'm a registered nurse by trade and a brand spanking new lifestyle blogger in my spare time. I'm always trying new hobbies and love to make boards on Pinterest of things I'll probably never try! C'mon you know you're guilty too!

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