Birthday Thoughts

So today is my 32nd birthday. It’s been another busy 365 days around the sun and here I am another year older, maybe a small smidge wiser and I mean like end of the cereal box crumb smidge and I’m sure there’s a few extra gray hairs covered by hair dye. The more important thing is that I’ve had another year to learn and grow both personally and professionally. I figured what better day to share things I’ve learned over the past year than to make it a blog post for today.

1) My “to-do” list is never going to be done. For so long in my young adulthood life I’ve searched for the completion, the end mark of these lists I create sometimes on paper and sometimes in my mind and I try to hard to complete them and it never happens. Why? Because every time I think I’m done another thought pops into my head and automatically gets added to the list. It’s taken me a while to realize this says nothing about my success in day to day life. It’s more that life is busy and things will always come up. I just have to keep working on finding a balance between keeping things up and running and taking time out to enjoy my life. Work in progress
2) I want to be more vulnerable about my life to others because I know there are other people out there who are just like me and maybe my words can provide comfort or strength. This is not easy. It is much easier to act like everything is fine (don’t we love that word?). In reality sometimes things are not fine. Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes we are in some shitty situations and things go wrong and we feel like it’s all madness and it’s at that time all we need is someone to listen. So I’m hoping by sharing more others will know I am always here to listen and that no one has it together all the time. If they do well they are liars. There I said it.
3) Quality friendships are important. I have focused on being a better friend and strengthening the friendships I have. We are all busy. But we have to make time for those we love both biological and chosen family. These people see us at our highest and lowest and the stronger the bond the better in my opinion.
4) I can’t predict the future. Y’all this is another hard one for me. I am such a type A planner I pride myself on being 5 steps ahead of the 10 steps I’ve already taken to be prepared. Regardless life happens, and things take place that you cannot be prepared for. You just have to learn to sway with the bends and make the best of it. This is one of those things I really have to work on. Upsets in the schedule make me crazy and instead of just rolling with it I tend to just let it all boil until I’m a damn instant pot ready to explode. Which clearly isn’t a good scenario for anyone.
5) I do not have to justify everything to everyone to obtain their approval. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s not necessary to live our lives to anyone’s standards but our own. We build our own life as adults and it needs to live up to our expectations and that is it.
6) I need to be kinder to my body. I also need to be more conscious of my inner self talk about my body. I feel like I’ve never been at a place where I’ve just been comfortable with how I look. I’ve worked hard at developing a better gym habit because I enjoy working out and less because I am punishing myself for my nutrition. I’m sure some day I’ll do a post about my weight loss/body image journey but I’m trying to not let it overtake my life so leaving it a small piece is perfect for now.

So what to my goals look like for next year? I’m still thinking about them. They for sure will include budgets and finances, more family time and (hopefully) less internal non stop worrying but will also include travel and more self discovery. It’s what this life is all about. Growing and learning and I never want it to end. Until next time!

All my best, Kare

Published by karenicholas

I'm a 31 year old momma to two kiddos and wife to a supportive husband of 9 years. I'm a registered nurse by trade and a brand spanking new lifestyle blogger in my spare time. I'm always trying new hobbies and love to make boards on Pinterest of things I'll probably never try! C'mon you know you're guilty too!

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