The morning routine

Everyone has a morning routine. Even if you don’t realize it if you look closer there are probably a small list of things you accomplish for the day before heading to work, getting your kids to school or if you’re like me both! I find that the morning routine can make or break my day.

I enjoy a sense of feeling like I’m in control. Even though I know I cannot control quite a bit in my life it gives me comfort knowing that at least I can start the day in the right direction. Then I’ve learned to bend and sway with the day especially since I’ve had kids. If the morning routine goes smooth-ish I feel confident my day is going to be a-okay. This isn’t always true but it’s probably a 80/20 split so the odds are good.

Here in NY it is winter time. Literally the sky just takes a snow crap whenever it wants and our roads and cars are typically covered in an ice snow mixture it’s really just magical. 🙄 Since it’s like this I’ve gotta be at the top of my game in the morning or else I’m going to be one late mama to work and that’s sort of frowned upon so it’s up to me to make it work no matter the season.

My mornings typically look like this

6am alarm goes off, I hit snooze 99% of the time (I’m human) and eventually get up by 6:20am. Then I shower and after I wake up both kids. Usually this is around 6:40. I make sure both kids get dressed and my husband makes them breakfast. I finish getting ready and then I pack kids lunches and my lunch and at 7:15 I start getting the kids ready to head to daycare.

Now…my youngest daughter while I love her with every fiber of my being she is my wild flower. I don’t have to leave my house until 7:25 but I start the process 10mins before because that’s how long it takes my t-rex to get her ish together so we can get out the door. After many mini meltdowns both on her part and mine about needing to go and even threats of leaving her home I finally realized that this was something I could actually control. Sure, reigning her in is like trying to catch the wind but if I adjust my morning routine I could make it less stressful for her and me. It made the difference. There’s less yelling, less frustration, our mornings are more yoga-esk class than the chaos we were previously used to.

Me prior to developing a morning routine that actually works.

So if you feel like your mornings are chaotic and that it’s bleeding into the rest of your day try to take a look at your normal “routine” and see if there are things you can do to make it smoother.

Some things you might be able to “prep” to be ready for the morning

1) Lunch prep. My son always looks to the cafeteria menu the night so he can decide if he wants to buy or bring. My daughter is in Pre-K so she eats when she gets back to daycare so she brings everyday but it helps the night before to know if I’m prepping one lunch or two. I typically have lunch thoughts in my head at night and sometimes anything that doesn’t require refrigeration goes in the lunchboxes the night before

2) Pick out clothes the night before. Who wants to argue at 6am about what shirt or pants your kid is going to wear to school? Let them help you pick out their clothes the night before to make the morning smoother.

3) Check the classroom calendar. Teachers put time and energy into creating a calendar so we as parents have somewhat of an idea of what our kids will be doing. At least what special they’ll have like gym, music, library, etc. Check the calendar so you don’t get blindsided and have to frantically look for that library book right before you leave that your son swears he thought he already took back but low and behold you find it under his bed. Can you tell I’ve been there? These calendars are also helpful if you’ve signed up to bring snack, or a treat for the holiday party.

Whether it’s meal prepping the night before, picking out clothes or packing up backpacks I can almost guarantee if you find a few things you can adjust you’ll feel more in control and less likely to have tears or frustration from you or your kids.

Final thoughts. Make your bed everyday. Every.Single.Day. It helps to set the notion that your day has officially started and even though you want to so desperately you are not going to crawl back into bed. Also when you get up and make bed try to think one positive thought about the day. I absolutely agree that a positive mindset can set up the day. Try telling yourself the day will be good and you will not let negative events or people effect your mood. Or if you like a laugh do what I do and tell yourself you will not lose your shit like a crazy person today. A little laughter definitely never hurts. Until next time!

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I'm a 31 year old momma to two kiddos and wife to a supportive husband of 9 years. I'm a registered nurse by trade and a brand spanking new lifestyle blogger in my spare time. I'm always trying new hobbies and love to make boards on Pinterest of things I'll probably never try! C'mon you know you're guilty too!

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